50 year old boiler to replace. Gas, hot water. Current is 175000in/140000out. Have about 150' of baseboards. Want to get this done before we start bathroom remodel off current furnace room. Thanks!

Jeff M

I have a 1400+- SQ ft ranch home that needs a new heat pump. I am in Maysville. I would like for someone to come to my home and give me an estimate! Thanks!

Christine S

My blades won't turn in my AC Unit. (Trane) I was wondering when it would be good time to check it and how much you charge for a service call.

Linda B

Please help me install a new cental air unit. Thanks!

Mike S

Is it possible if I can have a service agent today for my furnace. The controller to ignite the furnace does not come on. The unit is a LENNOX Whisper Heat system installed in 1992 + Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner. Is it possible to have a quick check to see if controller is inoperable? If so, what would be the cost to replace vs installing a new furnace system?

Dean S

My furnace had been making high pitched noises but still blew hot air. today it was not on at all so I manually turned on the fan and the furnace came on but only blows cold air. It is a Lennox Elite furnace. I smell no gas. I bought the house 3 years ago and it was already here. According to the home inspection report it is a 'newer' unit with an inducer draft fan motor & it is vented to a masonry chimney.

Todd J

I want to convert from oil boiler to gas boiler. Need removal of old oil boiler and oil tank.

Diane N

My air conditioner is somewhat working. It blows "cool" air, but it is constantly running and my house stays between 78 degrees (at night) and in the 80's during the day. The thermostat is set at 76.

Chloe H

I have an exisiting boiler and radiators. Many pipes need replacement. Also want ideas of going with natural gas heater in each fireplace

Brendan O

We are putting in a new gas line this spring. We are wanting a new gas furnace.We currently have fuel oil. We are also needing to replace an old electric water heater with a new gas one.

Wendy G